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Product Specifications, Price And Shipping Charge (Malaysia)

Product specifications, price and shipping charge (Malaysia)

* For product specifications in English, please refer to Intact Idea’s official website:

For product specifications in Chinese, please refer to our own site.

* Our prices in USD for Malaysia:

– Chrome PRO 2: US$350, shipping included.

– Black PRO 2: US$335, shipping included.

– White PRO 2: US$335, shipping included.

* There will be no extra charge if your order amount in a single order is equal to or over 125 USD. If it’s less than 125 USD, we’ll quote you a shipping charge after we receive your order according to product weight and dimension.

* Please note that any import tax that may be imposed by local customs is to be paid by the buyers themselves. But we’ll use less than half of your real purchase price as the customs declaration price.

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