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Things To Note When Ordering (H.K And Macao)

Things to note when ordering (H.K and Macao)

1. Orders:

For packaging and transportation consideration, only one full set is allowed for each order (but there will be no quantity restriction for accessories!). If you’ll be ordering for more than one set at the same time, please enter orders separately for each set, and note on order remarks the number of orders under identical name and email.

2. Payment:

We only accept bank transfer for the payment presently. We’ll be notifying you our bank transfer information of H.K. local bank on our order confirmation email after you enter the order form.

3. Shipping

Normally we’ll ship your order within 2 business days after we receive your payment. In case there are abnormal situation that affects our shipping time, we’ll let you know as soon as we know it.

4. Please note the following terms and do not place your order if you can’t accept them:

a. Product appearance

Please inspect your product appearance to see if everything is normal upon receiving your products. Please contact us if there’s any appearance problem within 7 days upon receiving and provide us with pictures of the problem. If it’s already over 7 days from your receiving date, we’ll no longer accept any return of goods with appearance problem. To return product with appearance problem, please retain all contents and packaging materials from us. And please note that we do not deal with any appearance problem caused by the buyers themselves. Any other defects that are not related to product’s appearance fall within the category of product warranty and please refer to the “Limited Warranty” page on Intact Idea, LLC’s official site to  see the related warranty clauses.

Warranty clauses

b. Product coating/finishing

Products with different coating/finishing and accessory type are separately listed in our website, internet store, and order form. Please confirm for yourself which model you want to order and we do not accept return of goods due to model coating/finishing and accessory type preference.

c. Product packaging

There maybe be situation when dents and tears happen to the inner paper case and outer carton due to collision and squeezing on the course of transportation by the courier even though immense care is given to the product packaging. But rest assured that all our products shipped are brand new. If you demand perfect packaging condition and can not accept any flaw on the packaging, please do not place your order lest there should arise discontent.

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